Lexicon has several main departments, the three biggest ones being Photography, Marketing, and Graphic Design. Each serves a tremendous and important purpose and each offers to teach every single prospective member the ins and outs of becoming better in that specific field.


Lexicon Photographers are in charge of capturing the best moments on campus. Our team is made up of Junior (newer) photographers and Senior (more experienced) photographers, all of which get trained in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (which are installed on our computers) to add to or fine-tune their expertise. Don't have a camera? You can borrow ours for the job.


Lexicon Marketers find creative ways to spread the word about our product in order to keep our sales up. Our strategies include managing our social media accounts, representing the organization at other on-campus events through cosponsorships, and planning our own events. Catch us tabling on the second floor atrium!


Our Graphics team uses lexicon's resources to create the annual yearbook. They also take the lead on all of the organization's creative efforts, which includes producing promotional content and designing merch for our graduating seniors.



NVC Media Suite Room 3-292

Baruch College
55 Lexington Ave, NY

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