Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I receive my yearbook?

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, all students who purchase the yearbook by June 14th will have their yearbook delivered to their address by Jostens. The other contents of the Senior Package are provided by us, not Jostens, and will be provided to you at a later date.

2. When is the last day to purchase a yearbook?

The last day to purchase the yearbook and have it delivered to your address is June 14th. There is no option to buy the "Senior Package" on the Jostens website. We will provide the Senior Package (minus the yearbook) at a later date and Jostens will deliver the yearbook to your address. 

3. What Senior Packages are still available?


The only Senior Package available contains:

          - The 2020 Baruch College Yearbook

          - Embroidered "2020" Crewneck

          - Engraved Keychain

You cannot purchase individual items in the Senior Packages (e.g. Embroidered "2020" Crewneck). You must purchase the yearbook from Jostens to receive the contents of the Senior Packages.

4. How do I choose my yearbook photo?

For photos taken in the Fall semester: 

Use the link in the email you received from Prestige Portraits to navigate to their website containing your proofs. Once you are viewing your photos, there will be a panel on the left side with the option to choose your yearbook photo.

For photos taken in the Spring semester:

You will be asked to choose your photo directly after your portrait appointment using the photographer's preview monitor. 

5. When is the deadline to choose which of my photos gets put in the yearbook?

The deadline to choose your yearbook photo is February 20th, 2020. This is the date all photos will be sent to the yearbook company to be uploaded to the yearbook. Any student who does not choose their photo by this date may have their photo chosen at random by Prestige.

6. I missed senior portraits! How can I get my photo into the yearbook?

Students who have not yet taken their photo after February 14th, 2020 and still want to be in the yearbook must contact Prestige Portraits directly to request special accommodation off-campus. Photos taken after the on-campus appointment period may not be included in the 2020 yearbook, however we do our best to ensure they are. 

7. I changed my mind, I don't want to be in the yearbook anymore.


Students who no longer wish to be in the yearbook should contact Prestige directly to process their request. Please note that as of April 10th, you are not able to change your yearbook portrait. 

8. How can I get in contact with Prestige?

"To speak with a representative please call 1-800-687-9327, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST or email us at"

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