Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join Lexicon?
Come to one of our General Interest Meetings! Our first General Interest Meeting is on the 10th and will cover the entirety of Lexicon. If you're interested in joining a specific department, come to the Photography GIM on September 15th or the Marketing/Graphics GIM on the 17th!

2. What committees are there in Lexicon?
Lexicon is comprised of three departments: marketing, photography, and graphics. Each department has their own focus but will occasionally work together. The marketing committee helps gather attention towards senior portraits and purchasing the yearbook. The photography department takes photos of events hosted by the other clubs and organizations on campus. The graphics department works with the marketing department to create fliers and yearbook. 

3. Can I join more than one committee?
Yes! You can join as many committees as you want. 

4. When will I receive my 2019-2020 Senior Package? 
Unfortunately, we are unsure of when you will receive your Senior Package. The packages are currently being stored at Baruch, and until Baruch re-opens, we have no access to them. Once Baruch allows us on campus, we will work with the Office of Student Life to deliver the senior packages to you. 

5. When are senior portraits?
We are currently working with the Office of Student Life to determine how we will handle Senior Portraits. Follow us on our social media for any updates!

6. Where can I purchase the 2021 yearbook?
The 2021 yearbook will be available for purchase on Jostens soon. 

7. I can't find the option that includes the Senior Package on the Jostens website, where is it?
Jostens only handles the sale of the yearbook. Lexicon provides the senior packages separately. If you purchase a yearbook from Jostens, we will provide you with the Senior Package.

8. I want the Senior Package but not the yearbook, can I purchase it separately?
You cannot purchase the Senior Package or individual items separately. You must purchase the yearbook to receive the Senior Package. 

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